Frequently Asked Car Loan Questions

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How Long Before I Get Approved?

Normally it can take as little as 30 minutes. However, there may be some additional information from you that we require and given your situation we then work closely with one of our lenders to get a final approval back within 24 hours.

Can I speak with Someone On The Phone?

Absolutely! You can call us toll free on +1-877-315-4225. If you want to call us on a local number then (780)-466-6766.

I Have Bad Credit, Should I still Apply?

Yes, we have helped countless of people who have yet to establish credit or have bad credit get approved for a car loan here in Alberta.

Can I Get Approved Even If I Filled For Bankruptcy?

Yes, a lot of our customers in fact are referred by a trustee while the customer is in bankruptcy or proposal. Securing a car loan is very helpful to re-establishing your credit.

What Interest Rate Can I Expect?

That all depends on your situation. Our team of experts work very hard to negotiate the lowest rate for you. But we don't stop there if your rate is very high we will continue to work with you and once your credit has improved we will look to get you a new loan at a reduced rate.

Do I Need To Put A Down Payment?

A down payment can help a lot, especially with bad credit but we understand that it's not always possible. We often get customers approved with $0 down.

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